Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello Mateer Harbert PA and Orlando Health Babysitters!

I have waited a while to share the following...

It's funny - Orlando Health cannot afford domestic partner benefits for employees but they can afford to have two Orlando Health employees monitor my every move on this blog. And, it looks like they have hired law firm Mateer Harbert to also follow this blog and all Orlando Health Diversity Initiative activities. And there are a number of Orlando Health employees and many people in the community who follow this blog - and the number of viewers keeps growing!

I know all of the above because I track who comes to the blog, where they come from, etc. through a common online tracking service. This blog has seen thousands of hits in the handful of months it's been live - but two Orlando Health employees and one Mateer Harbert employees are virtually obsessed with this blog! I can't imagine how they get anything else done because they are on this blog almost every day.

So - officially - Hello Orlando Health and Mateer Harbert babysitters! How are you doing today?

Alan L. Bounville

PS - I often go on this blog to pretend like I'm updating posts just to flag my babysitters that I've done something and interrupt their work day so they can check on me. Maybe if Orlando Health would get rid of my babysitters they could afford domestic partner benefits for employees. WAIT! They could already afford this because studies show that offering domestic partner benefits costs companies very little - and draws more talented employees to a company. And, since Orlando Health is SELF INSURED - in reality it would cost them nothing at all to offer domestic partner benefits!

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