Thursday, January 7, 2010

Orlando Health Discrimination Mentioned by National Media Outlet

Read the link below that details the group I have co-founded here in New York City and see how the oppression at Orlando Health is mentioned. This is the second media mention of the oppression taking place at Orlando Health - and it is in a national LGBTQI publication, reaching thousands of people.

As this movement continues to grow and allow more and more people to feel comfortable talking openly about the bigotry and oppression at Orlando Health - the better off we all will be.

Note: The article is featured on the main New York City page and is linked from all EDGE city home pages pages nationwide.

Orlando Health - be prepared for direct action because it's coming your way as we DEMAND equality in the workplace. NO MORE EXCUSES.

If you would like to get involved in direct actions against Orlando Health, please contact me at:

Alan L. Bounville

Thank you.

Alan L. Bounville

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