Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Was Faxed to Doctors?

I've received the question - what was faxed to Orlando Health affiliated doctor offices?

Below is the copy of the single page fax that I sent to doctor's offices over the past couple days. Why this would inspire such hateful emails to me and stern voice messages only shows what is really under the surface in Central Florida in regard to inclusivity.

"Dear Orlando Health Affiliated Physician Group,

Since I’ve been blocked by Orlando Health to email you – I am sending you this second fax in what will be a series you will receive. In the last fax I shared with you why it is important for healthcare providers who are affiliated with Orlando Health to stand up and support the petition at encouraging Orlando Health to fall in line with true healthcare leaders like:

Yale-New Haven Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, Duke University Hospital, Rush University Medical Center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Group Health Central Hospital, Bedford Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic and many more to among other things provide domestic partner benefits for their employees. It is just wrong that Orlando Health does not treat all employees the same. How can Orlando Health be on the forefront of healthcare without adhering to the principles outlined in the petition? The truth – they are not on the forefront of healthcare because of bias such as this.

Here are some recent petition signatures:

Orlando Health Affiliated Physician, Dr. Mark P. Trolice (signed after I faxed over 1,700 Orlando Health doctor offices like yours)

“Increasing education and cultural awareness of diverse patient populations is critical to the health of our society and mandatory for any health care provider/organization. Our goal must be to facilitate the comfort of our patients as we provide the highest quality of care.”

Orlando Health Employee, Michael Cherry

“I am a team member of Orlando Health and while I am often proud of the work done here I am ashamed of the message this kind of bias sends out. This institutionalized bigotry flies in the face of the values that our caring work normally reflects. Institutionalized bigotry contributes to violence and strife in the workplace and the community. It is in direct opposition to the Orlando Health mission of promoting health in the community.”

Community Member and Healthcare Provider, Cynthia Grow

“Community providers, myself included, need to be vigilant by doing all we can to encourage companies and individual public servants to support EQUAL rights for ALL no matter what! Doing NOTHING or remaining SILENT regarding crucial company policies that would alleviate suffering or protect individual's and couples' rights means that your company CONDONES discrimination. SHAME on you, ORLANDO HEALTH. Step up and DO what's RIGHT!!”

The petition to support this effort can be found at:

All videos, a copy of the original proposal Orlando Health ignored and history on this movement can be found at:

There are 190 signatures on this petition to date.

Your voice matters! Sign the petition today.


Alan L. Bounville

Former Orlando Health Employee and Current Donor


“We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

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