Saturday, December 19, 2009

Message Removed from Orlando Health Facebook Page

Here is a message someone shared on the Orlando Health Facebook page that was removed this morning. See graphic below. It was the first message on the page. Why are they trying to suppress the truth? They are silencing some people and not others - all sharing the same message. Sounds like they are getting themselves into a possible legal situation since so many people on their Facebook page are saying the same thing. And no reasons are given to the three people who have been silenced (Rick Sanchez, myself and now Andrew Conte). Orlando Health is acting with knee jerk reaction and indiscriminately as they single people out and do what they seem to do best - DISCRIMINATE.

When will they stop silencing the truth?

Click on the image below to read Mr. Conte's deleted remark


  1. They require exempt staff to take time off without pay and do not allow them to go into arrears as well. I'm pretty sure this is against the law?? Salaried staff is guarenteed a certain amount...

  2. actually this is hit or miss, only some people have to take it off and others do not. A large amount of salaried staff is taking time off without pay while others get to sit around and twittle their thumbs because they don't have to take it off. This place is so unfair in every practice it is hard to keep up and document everything. No on can speak up for fear of retaliation and no one can lose their job right now, managers are forced to monitor for any potential union activity, even coming in on weekends and sitting in the cafeteria. It's so ridiculous. The crap they are telling you about relooking at it next year for domestic partnerships, it ain't gonna happen!