Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Orlando Health Fights Back!


As a direct result of people defending my right to speak about the need for Orlando Health to be more culturally competent today - just now Orlando Health updated it's status and created a new policy of how it wants to control the public's interaction with their Facebook page. Let's break this down for all to see what they are REALLY doing here...

Orlando Health Post - Made today at 3:29 pm after four people have defended my position that Orlando Health should not have removed me from having the ability to share the message of inclusion that 215 have voiced to date through the online petition supporting a more inclusive environment at Orlando Health:

"Our fan page is 5 weeks old – and we’re thrilled at how quickly it’s growing. In response to that growth, we’ve created an etiquette policy for our fan page. We’ve posted it under the notes tab for you to review. It details our commitment to protecting the integrity of this community. We encourage all of our fans to be relevant and respectful to the community as a whole. Thanks for being a fan of Orlando Health."

Here is what the policy they uploaded at 3:06 pm today states. Note the sections bolded with my response below:

"Facebook is a place where Orlando Health fans can engage the organization and each other. Orlando Health is responsible for protecting the integrity of the community on our fan page. The page is designed to be a safe place to share information, ideas, stories and even differing opinions. However, there are some general rules of conduct that we expect our fans to follow when participating on this page.

Here they are:
• Posts may not be to the detriment or disturbance of the community or its members.
• Posts may not be abusive, defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, harassing, deceptive or misleading, solicitous or promotional in nature, or in violation of any law or regulation.
• The topics covered on the page must be relevant and respectful to our community as a whole. Any posts representing niche messaging will be reviewed for relevance and respect, and may be removed.
• Fans may not post advertisements, chain letters, or pyramid schemes, and may not post the same note more than once, or ‘spam’.
All grievances with the organization should be filed through the proper channels.
• Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations must be followed at all times. Posts should never contain another person’s full or partial personal health information.
Team members of Orlando Health should refer to the Orlando Health social networking policy for more information and further guidelines.

Orlando Health reserves the right to do the following:
• Remove communications that are in violation of the Orlando Health Facebook Etiquette policy.
• Block a user from participating if that user’s behavior disrupts the community.

The comments posted by fans to this page do not represent the opinions of Orlando Health, its officers, directors, or affiliates."

My response:

1. Orlando Health is blocking out my differing opinion. That is against their own knee jerk reaction policy.
2. Everything that I have shared on the Orlando Health Facebook Page has been relevant an respectful to the community as a whole for injustice anywhere - IS injustice everywhere.
3. What pray tell are the proper channels one must navigate for Orlando Health to follow through with the proposal presented to leadership that calls for the organization to offer domestic partner benefits, create a diversity office and come into the 21st century in regard to being culturally competent.
4. I wonder what the 'team member' social networking policy is? I wonder if it includes team members only being allowed to say nice things about the place they work. Sounds very similar to the mandatory anti-union meetings the hospital is making all employees sit through.

Please continue posting what's in your heart and mind on Orlando Health's Facebook Page.

Orlando Health - you put up a transparent fight - but sooner or later you will have to concede - Equality ALWAYS wins.

Thank you.

Alan L. Bounville
Former Orlando Health employee and current donor

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