Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pay No Attention... or Union Avoidance?

After a year and a half bringing this message to light, yesterday Orlando Health FINALLY acknowledged that there is a conversation going on about the blatant discrimination taking place at their business. The admission came out in a post from them on their Facebook page They tried to contort the messages on the Facebook page, (that clearly stated for themselves the truth) making it sound as if this was only about domestic partner benefits (clearly, this is about a fully inclusive diversity program - domestic partner benefits are a cornerstone to a company being truly culturally competent, but not the be all and end of of the discussion going on).

Further - Orlando Health does not want to offer domestic partner benefits for a much bigger reason than because of bogus financial concerns they put on their new back page discussion item - they don't want to give something other hospital systems in the region don't offer because that gives you - the reader here - the idea that you could get other things like a better vacation policy, a diversity office that examines your specific cultural needs, a more transparent pay structure to ensure all are being paid equal for equal work - and even more.

Imagine if you had an empowered voice at Orlando Health. Imagine that - if just for a moment.

What is the cost of equality? That is the real question.

And what lengths would Orlando Health go to silence people so they don't get the idea that if they band together they can have more than domestic partner benefits or a full fledged diversity office. By organizing, employees at Orlando Health can have a real voice for change.

Why are there no LGBT people or very few people of color in leading positions at Orlando Health? Are those groups not worth such high level positions? They have lived in the community as long as the white leaders and people of color in greater numbers than white leaders.

Have we changed so far from the days Dr. King fought in the south for freedom?

If you've read this post this far, you may want to take a look at this link. If Orlando Health is so concerned about finances when it comes to doing what's right, maybe they should consider cutting some top level salaries to redirect funds towards the power of equality.

Thank you.

Alan L. Bounville

PS - Orlando Health - two people now have been censored from posting this message of inclusion (that DOES affect all of Central Florida) on your main Facebook page (Rick Sanchez and myself). How many more voices will you silence - because I guarantee you we WILL find out. People will not stop exposing the truth. You save lives everyday - that is a given - you are a hospital - that is your job. Now start treating everyone equal. That will position you on the right side of history.

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